At current, there is no direct method for transferring ownership of a Microsoft OneDrive folder from one user to another. Instead, the new owner of the file will need to download the folder to their computer, reupload it to their own OneDrive account and recreate any sharing and collaboration permissions.

Sometimes, transferring a OneDrive folder from one person's account to another persons account is not the most appropriate course of action. OneDrive is a personal filestore service and isn't recommended for storing departmental files - in such cases it may be more appropriate to transfer files into a different service, for example Microsoft Teams. It is much easier to transfer files from a persons OneDrive account into shared Team ownership than it is to transfer these files into another persons OneDrive account.

For more information about which file storage service is most appropriate for different requirements, see File storage, sharing and collaboration services. For information about moving files between services, see Moving files between different file storage services.

Continue to follow the instructions below if you decide you definitely want to transfer a folder from one persons OneDrive account to the account of another person.

 Instructions for the original folder owner
  1. In the OneDrive web app, right-click the the folder you want to change ownership of, then click Details.

  2. In the Details pane, under the Has Access heading, click Manage access.
    1. Make a note of all sharing permissions on the folder to pass on to the new folder owner.

  3. In the Manage Access pane, under the Direct Access heading, click the + icon.

  4. In the Enter a name or email address text field, enter the name or University email address of the new folder owner.
    1. You can optionally add a message to the new folder owner.
    2. Do not change the share setting from Can edit.
    3. Do not untick the Notify People box.

  5. Click Grant Access.

  6. Ask the new folder owner to follow the instructions below as the new folder owner.

 Instructions for the new folder owner
  1. In the OneDrive web app, click Shared.

  2. On the Shared with you page, locate and click the shared folder.

  3. On the folder's page, click Download.

  4. Locate the zip file in your Downloads folder.
    1. It will have the file name OneDrive_, followed by the date you downloaded the folder.
    2. Click Extract all, then Extract.

  5. In OneDrive, click Files then click Upload, then click Folder.
    1. Locate the OneDrive_ folder, then select the shared folder within it it and click Upload.
    2. If prompted, click Upload.

Once the folder has been uploaded to your OneDrive, you will need to recreate any sharing permissions on the folder that have been sent to you by the original folder owner. Instructions on how to do this is available as part of the Managing files with Microsoft OneDrive online course.


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