Reset your password online

To reset your password online click on the link below that applies to you. If you have applied to be a new student but not yet started your studies at Lancaster, or if you are a new staff member who hasn't yet received their full IT account, you will have been issued with a Lancaster ‘Friend’ account.

 Reset Friend account for new students or new staff

As part of the reset process you will be sent an email to the personal email address you have registered against this account (if you haven’t registered you’ll need to phone or visit the Service Desk).

You’ll need to know the username for the account. If you don’t know your username please contact the ISS Service Desk.

Reset your password by phone

This service is only available to current staff & students. If for some reason you can’t make it to the Learning Zone, then please phone us and we will try to help you reset your password online – or (if you are registered) reset your password over the phone. Please note that staff need to have opted into this service (see Register for password reset by phone). 

  1. Call the ISS Service Desk on 01524 510987.
  2. Answer the security questions you are asked, based on information held on central University information systems (LUSI for students; HR system for staff). As long as you get the questions right, the service desk staff will be able to reset your password for you.

Other Partner Institutions

If you haven't previously registered for self-service password reset, and you are a member of staff or student at Sunway, Ghana, BJTU Weihai or UA92, please contact your local IT support desk.

If you're off campus and are not registered to use the self-service password reset service or opted in to the password reset by phone service, you'll need to contact your department for them to arrange a password reset for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I create a good, strong password?

There is lots of advice around choosing a good password. Some suggest picking lots of different symbols and random characters such as Phyd75$g7F, but unless you are using a password manager, these are very difficult to remember and encourage password reuse.

It is recommended, to create a long password with some complexity of mixed characters – but ensure it's still memorable.

Using a long password with different words and some symbols or numbers in the middle makes it practically impossible for others to guess (e.g. Glove&&&shopping)

For example, the password Phyd7^5$g7F would take 19.24 years to crack, assuming a fast offline attack method. However, the password Glove&&&shopping would take 23.89 billion centuries to crack using the same method and is much easier to remember.

Now your password is secure you need to make sure that you only enter it into the correct place and not reuse passwords across other sites.

If you need any help identifying a good password, take a look at the random password generator.

 How do I change my University password?

If you can remember your current password, you can change the password yourself on our online password change page.

You will need to enter your username and current password in the relevant fields, then your new password.

When trying to change the password please choose something that is easy for you to remember but hard for someone else to guess.

Ensure the new password:

  • Is at least 10 characters or more in length;
  • Does not contain any personal information (such as date of birth, address, etc.);
  • Does not use any easy to guess words (such as lancaster or password);
  • Is a completely new password (i.e. you are not permitted to re-use an old University Account password); and
  • Makes the bar to the right turn green.

You can increase the complexity of your password by including more upper case letters, numbers and symbols in the password. Not using a dictionary word, or use repeated letters or sequences of letters in the password will also help.

If you cannot remember your password, read the Forgotten your password advice.

 If you have applied to be a new student but not yet started your studies at Lancaster, you will have been issued with a Lancaster ‘Friend’ account. To reset the password for this account, go to the Forgotten your password advice.

 How do I register for online password reset?

The online password reset service enables you to reset your University account password online.

To be able to reset your password you must have previously registered a personal email address to which a verification email can be sent. Instructions on how to do this are included below.

Please see Register for online or phone password reset.

 How do I register for password reset by phone?

The Password Reset by Phone service enables you to have your University Account password reset by phoning the ISS Service Desk.

To use this service, you will need to Register for online or phone password reset.

 What are the key points of the University Password Policy?

The key points of the University Passwords Policy include:

  • Your password must be at least 10 characters in length.
  • Having changed your password, you cannot change it again until 24 hours has elapsed.
  • After 5 failed attempts in 10 minutes, your account is locked out for 5 minutes.

 What if I am prompted for a One-Time Password (OTP)?

If you are using WebLogin and are prompted to enter a one-time password (OTP), you should use the Authenticator app on your phone or tablet (or your physical authentication key) to generate one. If you no longer have access to the app you set up (or to your key), see No access to MFA app or key.

 How do I request a password reset from Ghana IT support?

If you haven't previously registered for self service password reset, or have any problems using the systems mentioned earlier, you will need a password reset from Ghana IT.


Call: +233 (0)540126446 / +233 (0)42235008

The Ghana IT Helpdesk is available 8am–5pm, Monday–Friday.