If you have applied to study at Lancaster, you will have initially been given a ‘Friend Account’ which allows you to access some of the services you will need (such as booking accommodation) and some applets within our mobile app, iLancaster.

Your Friend Account username is usually the email address you used in your University application (for Undergraduates this is usually the one you used to apply through UCAS).

 Forgotten your friend account password?
  1. Navigate to https://weblogin.lancs.ac.uk/friend/reset

  2. Enter your email address (username) associated with the account

  3. Check your email for a password reset link

Once your place has been confirmed (after A-level results for most undergraduates), and usually about a month before you are due to start, you will be invited to complete Online Registration. Once this is complete your full student IT Account will be available, giving you access to all the services you will need during your time at Lancaster. Your full student account will have a new username and password and will no longer be based on the email you applied with.

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