This solution is for university staff with access to the Future Staff admin site and will explain how to use it to create a new job and send a link/code.

You can access the site at:

 Create a job in the Future Staff admin site
  1. Once in the HR section of the admin site, select your faculty.

  2. Select your department (if applicable).

  3. From the top right corner, click the green + New Job button see a pop up box appear.

  4. Fill in all of the necessary fields contact HR if you are unsure what to place in here. 

    When inserting an image into the text boxes below please ensure you click the image and select 100% in the bubble that appears below the image to ensure it appears correctly on the app.

  5. Click Save Changes.

  6. The job will then become live, but nobody will be able to see it without the code.

 Send a link/code to a job in the Future Staff admin site

There are two types of job codes which can be placed on Stonefish or sent to potential applicants. These are:

  • Generic job code: a code that is only tied into a role that is available at the university.

  • Person specific job code: a code that ties a specific potential applicant to a specific job.

Each job code only references one job.

On the home page for HR, you will be able to see the list of jobs and codes related to the filters selected for departments/faculties.

To generate a job code:

  1. Next to the job, click the Manage People button.

  2. Add the people you wish to generate codes for (these will be automatically generated when a person is added).

  3. You can then send the job codes out to specific potential candidates.