These are some common sources of error when attempting to use the web version of the iLancaster Applicant App.

Unknown Username

The username for the system will be the same as your email address you registered with, in most cases this is the same as the one used for your UCAS application. Please also ensure that you are using the exact same form as when you initially entered the address (i.e. if you used a address do not use the equivalent).

Unknown Password

If you have forgotten your password you can reset this yourself online:

1. Enter your email address.

2. Check your email for a password reset link, also check your junk mail in case the email ended up here.

Not logging in as future student

To book the visit day you should be picking the Future Student option rather than Guest.

Cookies are not enabled

To be able to log into WebLogin, which will give you access to the web version of the iLancaster Applicant App, you need to have cookies enabled.

Many schools disable cookies on their computers, so you may need to access the web version from home, or via the Internet on your phone.

Problems with the pages

If you’re having a problem with the book a visit pages themselves, once on the system, the simplest quick fix you can try is simply to try refreshing the page in your browser.

Any other issues

If you are having a bigger problem, not solved by the advice suggested here, could you kindly email us a screenshot of the error messages you are seeing so we can look into these further for you.

You can also manually contact your department to book a visit day. Contact information for different departments is best found via a search on the University website

If you continue to have a problem accessing the web version, please Report an issue with the iLancaster Applicant App and we'll look into it.