Moodle is a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) used by the University.

Moodle allows students to access course materials, enter into discussion with one another, do online tests and submit assignments. Staff can access Moodle to upload course content for students and download course assignments as well as partake in discussions and forums.

 Information about accessing Moodle

Moodle can be accessed using one of the following addresses, depending on where you are based:

Lancaster University:

Lancaster University Ghana:

Lancaster University College at Beijing Jiaotong University:

Moodle online courses and user guides

 Getting started with Moodle
 Course administration in Moodle

An online course is available for those staff involved in course administration in Moodle.

Online course: Course administration in Moodle (For staff)

 Online submission, assessment and feedback in Moodle

For comprehensive information and guidance about this topic, see Online submission, assessment and feedback help.

An online course is available for Moodle quizzes.

Guides are available for annotating submissions and marking with feedback files. A guide is also available for peer assessment, which covers using the Workshop activity and WebPA external tool for Peer Assessment tasks.

Online course: Quizzes in Moodle

There is a guide available which covers how to submit assignments from a student perspective.

 Gathering data through Moodle

A guide is available which covers using choice, feedback, questionnaire and database activities to collect data.

 Collaborative activities in Moodle

A guide is available which covers how to use the forum, chat, OU wiki and BigBlueButton activities in Moodle. A separate guide covers the Moodle glossary activity.

 Using media in Moodle via Lancaster eStream
 Using the Moodle Mobile app

Please see Moodle Mobile.

Drop-in sessions

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