If you no longer have access to the authentication app you originally set up (or don't have access to your physical authentication key) you will need to recover your account by following the process below.

For general help and support with setting up MFA and logging in to services using OTPs, see Multi-factor authentication (MFA) help.

  1. Go to MFA management.

  2. Enter your username if prompted.

  3. On the next screen, you will be prompted to enter a One-Time Password.
    Weblogin screen showing one-time password prompt

  4. Select the Use OTP recovery link at the bottom right. 

  5. Select either Request OTP via Email or Request OTP via Text (depending on which recovery method you originally set up - if you are unsure, try both).
    Weblogin screen showing recovery options

  6. Enter your mobile number or your personal (non-Lancaster) email address as appropriate.

  7. Check your text messages or personal email inbox.

     I received a text message or email containing a six-digit code
    1. Copy the six-digit code in to the One-Time Password box in WebLogin.

    2. Click Next.

    3. Enter your password if prompted.

    4. In the Your One-Time Password authenticators and recovery methods section, review your list of authenticators and select Remove Authenticator next to any that you no longer have access to (e.g. lost phones).

    5. Add a new authentication method by following the instructions at MFA help.

    6. You have now completed the recovery process.

     I didn't receive a text message or email
    1. Use the form to report the loss of your app or key where recovery has not been possible.

    2. After you have reported the loss, ISS staff will contact you to confirm the next steps in your account recovery.