Located at the Learning Zone Service Desk, The Workshop offers a paid for service to repair personal IT devices for students and staff.

We first advise that we carry out a diagnosis on your device to discover the cause of any faults. The diagnosis and quotation service is at a cost of £15.

After diagnosis, if we are able to carry out repairs we will contact you and explain what is required and how much this will cost. If you decide to proceed with the repair the diagnostic fee of £15 will be deducted from the final repair cost. If you decide to take your machine away but want the work completed by The Workshop at a later time, you will need to bring it back within 7 working days. If after 7 working days, the diagnosis charge will not be deducted from the total repair cost.

Frequently asked uestions

 How long will my repair take?

We aim to complete all repairs in The Workshop between 3 - 7 working days. This is subject to current stock levels and whether stock ordering is required. We do, however, try to complete all jobs within 2 working days.

If your computer needs a new hard drive with an operating system re-install, this can take up to 2 days to complete.

Repair times may vary at busy times of the year.

 What are you able to repair?

The short answer is anything and everything! We deal with a range of devices; from your iPod to desktop computers! We are able to repair all Apple products as well as any computer or laptop regardless of operating system or age. The only limitation is if parts are required and whether those parts are still stocked or manufactured. At this point, any issues will be explained to you and advice will be given.

 How much does your services cost?

Examples of services provided and how much they cost is listed below:

Diagnostic charge£15
Software repairs and data recovery£36
Software installation£22
Backup of data and reinstall Windows£54
Reinstall Windows only£42
Phone and other hardware repairs£30-36 (plus cost of parts and postage)
 How long is my quote valid for?

All quotes given by The Workshop are valid for 7 days.

 Do any repairs void my original warranty?

If your laptop is less than a year old, then we would advise any hardware repairs to be done under your warranty by the manufacturer. If you wanted us to complete those repairs out of speed and ease, then this would most probably void your warranty and you would need to pay for us to carry out the work, as well as pay for any parts required. 

 How long is my repair guaranteed for?

All new parts used in your repair will be covered by the manufacturer warranty, which usually a minimum of 1 year. If we use recycled or second hand parts in your repair (which will always be agreed with you) then there is usually a warranty on these parts of minimum 3 months. If the part fails within the warranty period, we will replace the failed part free of charge. This guarantee does not extend to accidental damage.

Your repair is guaranteed for workmanship for 28 days after the invoice date. If your repair fails within this time, we will re-open the job and complete any further work necessary

This is subject to initial investigation. If we find that the repair has been tampered with/foul play is involved, we shall charge the diagnosis fee of £15 for re-examination of the device. If further repairs are required afterwards, these will be charged at normal rates. Please see the Price List for a list of charges.

 Do all of the prices listed include Value Added Tax (UK VAT)?

Yes - all our prices include Value Added Tax (VAT). The Workshop is UK VAT registered - registration number GB 604 6098 49. 

 Is there any student discount?

All service and product prices are subsidised by Lancaster University and are only available for current staff and students. Because of this, all prices are already heavily discounted to give you the best possible price. 

 As a member of staff am I able to pay using a Journal Transfer?

Yes - we accept internal journal transfer payments from departments. You will need to email your budget holder and ask them to email iss@lancaster.ac.uk with authorisation, as well as the cost code the final invoice should be paid from. The email must contain the job reference number in the subject field (this normally starts with F followed by 7 digits).

 You don't offer a service I want. Can you do anything else?

Of course we can! If you let us know of a service, or product, that you would like us to offer, we can arrange to do whatever work is required to fulfil that service or order in any required parts - just let us know!