University staff have access to a number of telephony communication services. This includes CISCO phones on your desk, Jabber for answering calls on your computer, and Skype for Business for hosting online meetings, video conferencing and instant messaging.

Frequently asked questions

 Can I use my phone from my computer?

Yes, you can use Jabber to answer your phone and make calls from your computer.

 How do I call an external or international number?

To dial an external number on a CISCO phone, simply dial 8 before dialling the number (e.g. 80152465201).

If you want to block your caller ID, dial 141 before the number above.

To make an international call, you must still dial 8 before dialling the number, and you must use the complete country code (including the preceding 00, e.g. 800441524510987). Only users who have permission to do so can make international calls.

 How do I to set up a Speed Dial?
  1. Go to the Cisco Unified Communications Self-Care Portal.

  2. Enter your university username and password.

  3. Click Login.

  4. From the top left-hand corner, click the User Options drop-down menu.

  5. From the menu, select Device.

  6. In the Device Information box, select your username in Name.
     The CSF(username) option is for your Jabber account and should not be selected. 

  7. From the top of the page, select Speed Dials.

  8. Complete the number and label fields.

    The ASCII Label field is the same as the Label field. 

  9. Press Save.

 How do I set up voicemail and listen to voicemails?

You will first need to request a voicemail account. Choose which extension you would like the account to be associated with, then click Next.

You will then need to wait for an email from the ISS Service Desk to confirm that your voicemail account has been made.

The first time you log into your Voicemail account you will be asked to record a message and set a PIN. Log in with the default PIN of 526271 (which spells LANCS1 on the alpha-numeric keypad). Simply follow the spoken instructions on the phone.

When logged in, press 1 to hear new messages. If you do not have any new messages, option 1 will not be presented.

 How do I delete voicemail messages?

To delete a new voicemail message:

  1. Log onto your voicemail. Enter your PIN and press #.

  2. Listen to your new message.

  3. Press 3 to delete your message.

To delete a saved voicemail message:

  1. Log onto your voicemail. Enter your PIN and press #.

  2. From the main menu, press 3 to review old messages.

  3. Press 1 to listen to saved messages.

  4. After listening to a message, press 3 to delete it or press 2 to move on to the next message.

 How do I use Hunt Groups?

Hunt Groups allow you to set up automatic call forwarding rules. There are two types of Hunt Groups:

  • Broadcast Hunt Groups: When a call is received it will trigger every phone in the Hunt Group to ring.
  • Sequential Hunt Groups: Ring people in a set order until the call gets answered. This means that if a call comes in and the first number in the Hunt Group is busy it will automatically be put through to next available number in the Hunt Group.

If you are a member of a Hunt Group you can sign into the hunt group when you are available to receive calls, and also sign out when you are busy.

Please contact the ISS Service Desk to request a new Hunt Group.

To sign in and out of a Hunt Group

Press the More soft key, then press the HLog soft key to log into your Hunt Group. This method is the same to sign out.

 How do I forward calls?

To transfer a call to another person:

  1. During a call, press the Transfer button (on 6941 models, the icon of a person with an arrow pointing to them to the right of the scroll keys; on 7942 models, the Transfer soft key). Doing so automatically puts the call on hold.

  2. Dial the number of the person that you wish to transfer the call to.

  3. When the call rings on the other end, you can optionally wait for the person to answer, then announce the caller by telling them that you have someone to transfer to them.

  4. Press the Transfer button.

  5. Replace the handset.

During the transfer process, if you wish to return to the original caller without transferring the call, press the End Call soft key and then the Resume soft key.

 How do I deal with nuisance calls?

We understand that the calls are frustrating and a large annoyance. There is unfortunately nothing we can do centrally to stop this occurring.

What you can do to reduce the number of nuisance calls is register with the Telephone Preference Service. Honest marketing agencies will look your number up in this list before they call, if it's present they won't. Those operating outside the law however may ignore this.

You can register your work phone numbers through the following web site:

 How do I reset my extension mobility (EM) or voicemail PIN?

Your extension mobility (EM) PIN is used along with your username to log into any extension mobility enabled VoIP phone on campus using the Login option either on the phone's screen or in the services menu. Logging in to a phone causes the number associated with your user account to be accessible from the phone for the duration of the login, for the purposes of both ringing other people and being rung.

Your voicemail PIN is only used for logging in to the VoIP voicemail system.

Your extension mobility and voicemail PINs are separate. They can be set individually to different values. ISS recommend, however, that for ease of memorability both PINs are set to the same value.

To reset your extension mobility and/or voicemail PIN:

  1. Go to

  2. Under Reset PIN, enter a new PIN and confirm it by retyping it.

  3. Select whether you are resetting your EM PIN, Voicemail PIN or both.

 How do I get a new phone or make another phone-related request?
 Is there any more guidance on using a CISCO phone?

Click on the PDFs below for all the guidance you need for 6941 and 7942 CISCO phone models.

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