LU Print is the Lancaster University print service that allows you to choose how to print.‌ The service enables you to send your work to the printer from a wide range of devices, and visit any printer on campus to print out your documents using your University card. You can also scan to print (photocopy) or scan to email from any printer. 

To access LU Print, go to

Frequently asked questions

 How much does printing cost for students?

Single sided      

£p per side

A4 Mono£0.05
A4 Colour£0.13
A3 Mono£0.13
A3 Colour£0.19

Double sided (Duplex)

£p per side

A4 Mono£0.04
A4 Colour£0.11
A3 Mono£0.11
A3 Colour£0.16

 How do I top up my print credit?

You can top up online by going to and selecting Add Credit on the left menu.

Alternatively you can top up using cash in the library.

 Can I do large format (e.g. A0) printing?

Large-format printing is available from the University print service in County Main.

Design, Photography and Print Service

 Can I get the printer to print my documents without me being there?

You can remotely release your print jobs before going to the printer to save time queuing at the printer (useful for larger documents).

  1. Go to LU Print.

  2. Choose Jobs Pending Release option from left hand menu.

    Jobs Pending Release button

  3. You will see a list of print jobs ready to be released. You can can choose an individual print job to release or print them all.

    1. To print an individual print job: In the Action column, click print.

    2. To print all of your print jobs currently held in the queues: At the top of the page, click Release All.

      Click Print to print an individual job, or Release All to print all current print jobs

  4. You will see a list of printers listed by location around campus and current status (OK, In Error). Choose the printer closest to your location.

  5. Click on the printer name to release your print job to this printer.

    Click the printer you wish to print your job to

  6. You should see a message saying your print jobs have been released.

    Successful release of print jobs

  7. Remember to go and pick up your print job as it will now be sitting on the printer!

 How do I print from the web?

  1. Go to LU Print.

  2. From the left-hand menu, Click on Web Print  the Web Print screen opens.

  3. To upload a document for printing, click Submit a job.

    Submit a job

  4. Choose a colour or mono printing queue from the list:
    1. Staff Print queueslancs-print1\staff-colour or lancs-print1\staff-mono
    2. Student Print queueslancs-print2\colour or lancs-print2\mono

    Choose a printing queue and then click Print options and Account selection

  5. Click Print Options and Account Selection.

  6. Enter the number of copies of the document you require.

  7. Click on the Upload Documents tab The Upload screen opens.

    Enter the number of copies you want, then click Upload Documents

  8. To put your documents in the upload area:

    1. Click Upload from My Computer, locate your document from your storage area, then double-click on it to put it in the upload area; or
    2. Drag your document onto the Drag files here area.

      Upload your document, then click Upload and Complete

  9. Click Upload and Complete  You should see a message confirming that your document was successfully submitted.

    Document was successfully submitted

Your document should show on the Web Print Screen as being Held in a queue. Your document will remain in the queue until you print it out. See: Log in, print and delete documents at a printer.

If you want to submit another job, from the Web Print screen click on Submit a Job and repeat the above instructions. 

 How do I redeem a print top-up voucher?

If your department has provided you with a print voucher, to add credit to your printing account, you can redeem the voucher online.

In order to do this:

  1. Login at using normal University credentials.

  2. Click on Redeem Card.

  3. Type in the unique number next to where it says Card Number

    Be careful to type in the number exactly as it appears on the voucher including any hyphens ( - ) that appear.

  4. Click Redeem Card.

  5. The credit will then apply to the account.

Common Errors

Supplied card number invalid 

Take care on entering the code, ensure you are entering in every symbol present, including any hyphens ( - ). If the code still says it is invalid, check back with the person who provided you with the code to ensure it is correct. They can also issue you with a different working code if needed. 

Voucher already used 

Check that you haven't accidentally entered the code in twice — check your account balance to see if the credit has applied successfully. If it has not check back with the person who provided you with the voucher to obtain an unused valid code.

Voucher has expired 

The vouchers have a set expiration date on them; if you are seeing this error message the code is no longer valid and cannot be used.

The page doesn't appear to register, hangs or otherwise fails 

This is most likely an issue with the internet browser. Try using a different, up to date, browser as a test. Often addons and extensions, such as AdBlock, can cause issues with websites so ensure you aren't using these. If this still doesn't work, please use a University supported machine such as a lab or library PC.

Any other issues 

Please report a problem with LU Print with full details or your issue and we will look into this further for you.

 How do I release a print job on my mobile?
  1. Go to the mobile version of LU Print.

  2. To access the site, enter your University username and password.

  3. Choose the printer you want to use to release and collect your document from.

Choose the printer you want to use

 Where is my nearest printer?

You can access networked printers (including copying and scanning) in the following locations:

Ash House

IT Lab

Barker House Farm

A57/A58 PC Lab

Bowland Main

Bowland Main Foyer

Bowland North


A64 PC Lab
A65 PC Lab

Charles Carter



County Main


A44 PC Lab




(Old) Engineering


A08 PC Lab
A37 PC Lab



Furness Foyer



Post Room
Fylde Foyer

Graduate College


A109 Common Room
A132 PC Lab



Grizedale Foyer



A524 (Environmental Science)

Learning Zone

Learning Zone


A, B & C floor





B02 PC Lab

Management School


A1 PC Lab



A13 PC Lab
Pendle Foyer

Round House


 What is the printing refund policy for students?

Do not top up more than you need — print top-ups are non-refundable.

If a problem occurs whilst you are printing your documents you can make a claim to have the value of your printing refunded back to your print account. You may request a full or partial credit for print output that is either missing or of a poor standard.

  1. Go to LU Print.

  2. Click Recent Print Jobs.

  3. Click request refund next to the print job you wish to make a request for.

  4. On the Refund Request page, check the details of the print job are correct. Then select whether you wish to apply for a full or partial refund (entering the amount in the latter case), and provide a reason for requesting a refund.

  5. Click Send.

Please note:

  • A refund credited back to your print account will be awarded at the sole discretion of the Print Service Manager who will verify the type and number of pages printed against your account. In some cases you may also be asked to provide evidence at the ISS Service Desk.
  • Any print refund awarded will be credited to your print account — no cash refunds can be given.
  • No compensation will be awarded for errors made when using the printer (for example, if you select the incorrect print options).  

The print management system can detect when there have been quality issues and will adjust accounts automatically, so you should wait 30 minutes to check that you have actually been charged for the faulty printing before making your request.