While compute nodes are all broadly similar, there are some circumstances where an application may perform better on one type of node than another. Jobs can request that they be restricted to a specific type of node using the job resource request node_type by using the following syntax in a job script:

#$ -l node_type=type

Where type is one of the following:

Type# coresProcessorMemoryInterconnect
10Geth64G16Intel Ivy Bridge, Haswell or Broadwell64G10Gb low latency
10Geth128G16Intel Ivy Bridge128G10Gb low latency
10Geth*16Intel Ivy Bridge, Haswell or Broadwell64G or 128G10Gb low latency
40core192G 40Skylake 192G 10Gb high latency

The scheduler will handle node_type requests in an intelligent way, depending on job type:

For serial jobs:

  • If no node_type is specified, the job is free to launch on any type of compute node.

For parallel jobs:

  • If no node_type is specified, the job will be run as though node_type=10Geth* had been specified.
  • If node_type=10Geth* is selected, the job will be eligible to run on compute nodes of type 10eth64G or 10Geth128G, and the memory resource request will be set to 4G per core (for a total of 64G per node).

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