The research filestore is available for projects with specific requirements for large amounts of local, high speed storage. Files are accessible via PC's on campus and from off campus (using the VPN). Data may optionally be shared with colleagues.

Access to storage on the research silo is by request. You request will be considered and you will be granted space on the service which is deemed most relevant for your specific requirements. You will receive details of how to access the filestore following this.

Frequently asked questions

 Is the research filestore (SILO) the best place for my research data?

 What is the difference between the research silo and the departmental filestore?

The departmental filestore is mainly for smaller administrative departmental files. The research silo is a much larger repository of data, using an intelligent tiered storage system to ensure fast access to data which is accessed regularly.

 Is my data backed up?

Yes, data on the Research Silo is backed up nightly. 

 Are there any file size limits on the research silo?

There are no individual file size limits. Your overall quota will be agreed when you request storage space, and may be expanded depending on your requirements. You can make a request to ask to change your current Research Silo storage space quota.

 Does the research silo have ISO27001 certification?

Although we adhere to the principles of ISO27001, we are not currently ISO27001 certified. A useful guide to managing expectations from research funding bodies can be found within the Research Data Management web pages.

 Who else can access my data?

If you are a researcher, please see the Research Data Management advice and guidance for more information.  If you are a research participant, please see the Research Privacy Notice for more information about how we handle your data.   

 Is my data stored in the EU / on site at Lancaster University?

Yes - the Research Silo utilises servers which are on site at Lancaster University.