IBM SPSS Statistics is statistical software for business, government, research and academic organisations. 

The easiest way to access SPSS Statistics for Windows users is via AppsAnywhere.

Alternatively you can manually install it on different systems.

 Install SPSS on Windows

Download the installation file

  1. Download SPSS (64bit) or download SPSS (32bit).

  2. When the copy is complete, double-click on the setup(.exe) on your desktop - wait - the SPSS splash screen appears.

Install SPSS

These instruction are for SPSS 24, but the instructions for older versions of SPSS are similar. The screenshots shown are from the Windows 7 version of SPSS. Windows 8 users will see similar screens. The screenshots are taken from a mixture of SPSS versions, but all screenshots are relevant to the current version.

You may be prompted to install a new version of Java.

  1. Click Next.

    Terms of service

    The Select Site License dialog appears.

  2. Ensure that the Authorized user license... option is selected, then click Next

    Authorised user license

  3. Ensure that I accept the terms in the license agreement option is selected, then click Next.

    Accept the terms

    The Customer Information dialog appears.

  4. Click Next - the Help Language dialog appears.

  5. Click Next - the Assistive Technology dialog appears.

  6. Click Yes, then click Next

    JAWS for Windows

    The Essentials of Python dialog appears.

  7. Ensure Yes, then click Next - the software License Agreement dialog appears.

  8. Click I accept the terms.... and then click Next - the Destination Folder dialog appears.

  9. Click Next - the Ready to Install... dialog appears.

  10. Click Install, then wait while SPSS installs.

    Wait for installing

  11. When the install is complete, unselect Click here to register for product updates and special offer alerts... if you wish, then click OK.

    Successful Installation

    The Product Authorization dialog appears.

License SPSS

  1. Ensure that License my product now is selected, then click Next.

    License my product now

    The Enter Codes dialog appears.

  2. In the Enter Code field, enter the authorization code, then click Next. The code can be found at:  

    Copy the code or make a note of it, so that you can paste or type it into the Enter Code field.

    Enter Codes

    The Internet Authorization Status dialog appears.

  3. When the codes have been processed successfully, click Next.

    Authorisation in progress

  4. Click Finish.

    The Licensing Finished dialog appears.


  1. Click Start, then IBM SPSS Statistics - the program loads.

  2. Click on New Dataset (top left) then click OK - an SPSS data grid is visible.

Install the SPSS 24 Patch

  1. The SPSS 24 Patch updates SPSS to version and fixes various issues.
    Download the SPSS 24 patch for Win64
    Download the SPSS 24 patch for Win32

    Program interface

  2. Double-click on the patch(.exe) on your desktop - wait - the SPSS Patch splash screen appears.

  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  4. Restart your computer.

 Install SPSS on a Mac

Some screenshots are taken from a SPSS v19 or v22 install session, but are functionally identical to the equivalent SPSS v24 screens.

Download and Install SPSS

  1. Download SPSS 24.

  2. Go to the Download folder.

  3. Drag the SPSS_Statistics_24_mac.dmg file on to your desktop.

    SPSS Statistics Installer

  4. Double-click on the SPSS_Statistics_24_mac.dmg file.

  5. Double click on the icon - see a dialog appear warning you that IBM_SPSS_Statistics_24_mac wants to make changes.

    Enter username and password

  6. In the Password field type your Mac system password, then click OK.

  7. On the SPSS splash screen, click OK.

  8. Click OK.

    Accept terms and conditions

  9. Click Next.

    Authorised user license

  10. Ensure Authorized user license is selected, then click Next.

    Accept the terms

  11. Click I accept the terms..., then click Next - see Customer Information dialog.

    Enter ISS and Lancaster University

  12. In the Username field, enter ISS.  In the Organisation field, enter Lancaster University. Then click Next.

    Additional help languages

  13. To accept the default, click Next - see Essentials for Python option.

    Essentials for Python

  14. Click Yes under Install IBM SPSS Statistics - Essentials for Python, then click Next.

    Python License Agreement

  15. Click I accept..., then click Next - see Choose Install Folder.

    Choose Install folder

  16. Click Next.

    Pre-Installation Summary

  17. Click Install - see SPSS install progress. Wait while the installation progress.


  18. When the installation has completed, click Done.

    Successful installation

Licensing SPSS

  1. Go to Launchpad, locate and open the IBM folder.

  2. Run SPSS Statistics License Activation Wizard - see License Status dialog.

  3. Click Next - see Product Authorization dialog.

  4. Wait until the License dialog appears then click Done - wait - then see Product Authorization dialog.

    License my product now

  5. Ensure License my product now is selected and click Next - see the Licensing dialog. 

    Enter codes

  6. In the Enter Code field, enter the authorization code - the code can be found at:

  7. Copy the code or make a note of it, so that you can Paste or type it into the Enter Code field.

    Authorisation in progress

  8. If the code is processed successfully, click Next and Next again.

    Licensing Completed

  9. Click Finish.

Install SPSS 24 FIX

To connect to the network software repository server 

  1. Download SPSS 24 FIX.

  2. Go to the Download folder.

  3. Double-click on the FP001.dmg file.

  4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

    After you have pressed Done at the end you will want to test SPSS.


  1. Go to Applications, then double-click on IBM folder, then SPSS folder, then Statistics folder, then 22 folder, then the SPSSStatistics icon.

    Use Unicode encoding

  2. Click on Use Unicode encoding option.

    Programme interface

  3. Click on New Dataset option (top left in the window) then OK - see SPSS standard data grid screen.

 Renew SPSS licence codes

SPSS codes will renew automatically on computers in ISS PC Labs, Teaching Spaces (Lecture Theatres, Teaching Rooms and Seminar Rooms) and for those using AppsAnywhere.

Independent computers need to renew the licence codes once a year in late July or August. The expiry date is 31st July and warnings are displayed in SPSS as this date approaches. However there is a grace period and codes can be renewed without loss of functionality during August.

Each year, IBM issues new license codes for the three latest versions of SPSS. This year (July 2017) IBM has issued codes for versions 21, 22, 23 & 24. This means that support for SPSS 20 has ceased and users of SPSS 20 are advised to install a newer version.

To renew the licence code for SPSS

The instructions below feature screenshots from SPSS 20 but other versions should be similar. If you are renewing the licence code from off-site, connect to VPN before following the instructions below.


  • Windows - Click the Start button - the Applications menu appears.
  • Mac - Go to the Applications folder.


  1. Open the IBM SPSS Statistics folder.

  2. Click on the IBM SPSS (version number) Statistics License Authorization Wizard option - the wizard starts and a License Status dialog appears.

    License Status

  3. Click Next.

    License my product now

    The Product Authorization dialog appears.

  4. Ensure that Licence my product now is selected, then click Next.

    Enter code

    The Enter Codes dialog appears.

  5. In the Enter Code field, enter the Authorization code, then click Next. The code can be found at:

  6. Copy the code or make a note of it, so that you can paste or type it into the Enter Code field. 

    Internet Authorization Status

  7. When the codes are successfully processed, click Next.

    Licensing Completed

    The Licensing Complete dialog appears.

  8. Click on the Finish button. 
    An Intro dialog appears.

  9. Click the Start button, then the IBM SPSS Statistics NN option - SPSS opens. If you see a warning:
    1. Click the Allow access button - the User Authorization box appears.
    2. Enter your username and password, then click OK - the IBM SPSS Statistics Open dialog appears.
    Windows firewall issue

Looking for information about getting started with SPSS, running statistical tests, regression analysis and more? See the Statistical Data Analysis Using SPSS online course or book on to an SPSS training session.


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