The Student Portal is an online hub that gives you access to your student email, timetable, learning spaces (via Moodle or Sakai) and a number of student services. It can be accessed by going to Currently a beta version is in trial, which can be accessed by selecting the option from the blue bar at the top of the student portal window. For more information, watch the video below:

Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I find a Moodle course on the Student Portal?
  1. Navigate to

  2. Click on the Modules tab.

  3. You will see a list of your modules listed, you can click on the + button for a module and then access its Moodle space by clicking Go to Learning Space.

 Can I view my marks on the Student Portal?

Marks are displayed in the Interactive Transcript.

A link to the Interactive Transcript is in the Student Links widget on your dashboard.

 How can I mark absences on Student Portal?
  1. Login to the Student Portal at:

  2. A link to the Absence Notification function in iLancaster is in the Student Links widget on your dashboard.

  3. Click the Submit Absence Details link.

 How do I open the Development Needs Analysis (DNA) system for Postgraduate Research Students?

A link to the Development Needs Analysis site is found in the Student Portal. 

Use the Next button on the Student Links widget on your dashboard to scroll through the available functions until you see the Needs Analysis link.

Once you have entered the Needs Analysis site, follow the on-line instructions to complete your needs analysis request.

 What can postgraduate students use the Student Portal and web boards for?

Student Portal

The Student Portal is an online resource that you will have access to once you hold an offer of postgraduate study at Lancaster University. From the Student Portal, you can:

  • View useful information about how to prepare for your studies.

  • Read profiles of some of our postgraduate students.

  • Access your postgraduate applications.

About six months before your programme starts, we’ll normally give you a web board. This will let you learn more about your programme and ask any questions you may have on a discussion forum.

Web boards

On your web board you can:

  • Read announcements and information from your programme team and academic department.

  • Discover what your programme team recommends that you do in order to prepare for your postgraduate studies.

  • Ask questions or introduce yourself to other new students using the social area.

Download the Web Boards guide to learn how to access and use your web board.

 Where can I view past papers on the Student Portal?

The Student Portal currently includes links to the past papers section of the Student Registry website from the Modules tab, under Additional Module Information.

 Where can I see my exam timetable online?

Your personal exam timetable is available from the following:

  • Student Portal 
    • The Exam timetable can be found in your timetable tab on the Student Portal — make sure you have the Exams option ticked.

In LUSI online, you can also find exam timetables by:

  • Date/time
  • Room
  • Department
  • Module
  • Staff member
  • Student