Temporary University IT accounts are designed for users that fall outside the scope of staff or students. Examples of potential users include:

  • Academic department visitors who need to login to departmental PCs;
  • Staff who leave but continue their relationship with a department, for example if they are collaborating on a research project;
  • PGR students who need to maintain an IT account whilst finalising research;
  • Contractors working in professional services who need to login to office PCs.

Visitors who just require internet access should not be given a University IT account as they can use LU Visitor Wi-Fi.

If you require a temporary IT account, please contact your department as they will create the account for you. For information on who to contact, please see the list of departmental account requesters.

Frequently asked questions

 How do I know whether someone will be given an IT account automatically or not?

For details of the types of accounts issued to particular categories of people (dependent on their role/relationship with the University), along with details of how these accounts are provisioned, please see University IT account types.

 How do I get access to the temporary IT accounts system?

Temporary university IT accounts are created by departments using an online system. Registered users should visit http://psms.lancaster.ac.uk.

If you are a member of a department wanting to register to use the system, please submit a request. Please note the following points:

  • Heads of Department / Directors may nominate one or more people to input account requests ("Submitters");

  • Heads of Department / Directors will be required to approve requests (so will be the "Approver") and will be accountable for ensuring that university IT Accounts are only allocated where there is a legitimate need to Lancaster University resources and that the PSMS is used to allocate accounts appropriately, according to the University Approved Account Types;

  • Heads of Department / Directors may nominate a second approver to undertake approvals. Where there is a significant requirement to create temporary accounts, responsibility may be delegated to another person in the department, but the HoD/Director will remain accountable for the creation of those accounts;

  • An end date must be entered into the system, after which access may be extended if required;

  • The maximum end date that can be entered into the system is 12 months after the start date;

  • ISS will audit requests and from time to time request HoDs/Directors to re-validate account lists;

  • When legacy accounts expire Heads of Department will be asked to approve any renewals.

 How do I create or extend a temporary IT account?

Before starting this process, please make sure you have the following information about the user:

  • Full name
  • Title
  • Gender
  • Job Title
  • Date of Birth
  • Personal email address
  • A valid reason for them requiring an IT account

  1. Go to https://psms.lancaster.ac.uk and log in using WebLogin.

  2. Click Create/Search Staff.

  3. Enter the Surname and either the Date of Birth or the users current University Card Number.
    You must enter either the correct Date of Birth or University Card Number. You should not proceed without inputting this information accurately. 

  4. Select Search.

    Search Staff windows

If the account is found:

  1. See the account listed in search results:

    Search Staff results

  2. Make sure you have found the correct person.

  3. Select Add to the right of the person’s listing to add a new identity.

  4. Complete the fields. Fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory:
    1. Area, Job Title
    2. Correct Date of Birth
    3. Start and Expiry Dates
    4. Reason: a valid reason for them requiring a restricted IT account
    5. Resources

  5. Click Save. The record is now added. Click Close.

    Successful record having been added

    When adding a new identity, the Resources fields are not required and will only duplicate already provisioned resources.

If the account does not exist:

  1. Select Create New Record.

  2. Complete the fields as shown below:

    Add Record fields

    You may need to select the area using the dropdown box.

  3. Fill in all mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk (*)).

    Academic departments have the ability to change the account type from Restricted to Staff. A full staff account should only be requested in exceptional circumstances. Please check the list of University Approved Account Types to make sure that this person is eligible for a staff account before requesting one.
  4. Fill in the required Resources Fields:
    1. Email Account: Only select this when the account holder requires an official Lancaster University email address
    2. VPN: Only selected when the account holder needs to access work resources from Off-Site
    3. Filestore: This is separate from H Drive access, which is granted automatically with the account. This will allow access to departmental filestore but will require the additional setup to the required folders

  5. Then click Save, the record is now added; click Close.

    Successful record having been added

This account is now placed in the Approval Management section awaiting the Approver.

Email the approver (normally the Head of Department) at this point to let them know that the account requires approving. The account will not be created until it is approved.

 How do I approve requests for creating and extending temporary IT accounts?

Follow the instructions in the video above, or follow these instructions:

  1. Go to https://psms.lancaster.ac.uk and log in using WebLogin.

  2. See the Approval Management page divided into four sections:

    Image showing the Approval Management page

    1. Awaiting Approval – holds the accounts awaiting your approval
    2. Approved  holds the accounts already approved and in current use
    3. Rejected  holds the accounts that were not approved
    4. Ended  holds the accounts that are no longer active

  3. You can see the accounts listed in each section by simply clicking the section’s name. Click again to collapse the listing.

  4. If the Awaiting Approval section is not already expanded, click it to see the accounts requiring a decision.

    Image showing the Awaiting Approval section with accounts visible

  5. For each account please ensure that the account information is correct before proceeding. At this point changes can still be made to the account by the account’s submitter. Contact the account submitter for the corrections to be made. If the type of account being requested is a full staff account (rather than a restricted account), please check the University Approved Account Types to make sure that this person is eligible for a staff account.

  6. As an Approver you can change the account’s Start date, Expiry date and Reason field before approving it. Proceed to instructions below.

  7. Select account(s) to be approved. You can select:
    1. an individual account  tick the box for your chosen account in the Approve column; or
    2. an entire list  ticking the box under the Approve? column heading.

    Image showing the Approve checkboxes

  8. Click Approve.

How to edit a record

  1. Click into the Search box in the top-right corner of the screen.

  2. Enter the surname if the record exists, it will be listed under Awaiting Approval.

  3. Select the required account and click Edit on the right hand side.

  4. See the Approve Record pop-up window open.

    Image showing the Approve record (temporary account) pop-up window

  5. See that the majority of the fields are locked for editing their information can be changed by the account submitter only.

  6. Click into the field to change (i.e. Reason,Start dateExpiry date) and edit it.

  7. If the account is ready to be approved use the Status drop-down list and choose the Approved option.

  8. Click Save.

To see all changes made to the account over its lifetime

On the Approve Record pop-up window click View History option in the bottom-right corner. This will show you the account's History.

Image showing the History for an individual's account