Files may be copied from the IUS or a linux desktop into your HEC filestore by using the command scp in the format below:

  scp myfilename

This will copy myfilename in the current directory into the directory mydirectory on the HEC.


Files can also be copied from the HEC onto your local machine:

  scp mydirectory

This will copy myfilename from the HEC into mydirectory on your local machine.


The first time you use scp, it may prompt you with the following:

Host key not found from the list of known hosts.
Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)? yes

Reply with yes and you will then receive a prompt for your password. With subsequent logins you will only have to give your password.


To copy directories and their contents, use the -r option to the scp command:

scp -r *

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