If you wish to video conference or host an online meeting, the recommended option is to use Skype for BusinessYou also have the option of using specialist Video conference rooms and mobile facilities.

Frequently asked questions

 Is WebEx available?

WebEx remains available to staff members to use, however in the future we recommend you switch to using Skype for Business.

 What about other video conferencing services?

Whilst the university supported solutions offer the broadest coverage of use scenarios and technology, external organisations may use other facilities (GoTo Meeting, PowWowNow, WebEx etc). If attending a meeting with alternative systems the invitation will include details of any requirements. Most will work without intervention, some may require extra software installing. These systems are not supported by ISS but by the organisation or individual requesting the meeting. Care should be exercised when installing or sharing information on non-supported systems.

 Can I hold meetings via Moodle?

The university is currently trialling a limited number of licenses for Zoom which is intended for integrated use with Moodle. Please contact ISS for further information.


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