1. Go to the counselling website  http://www.lancs.ac.uk/sbs/counselling/, this will give you further information on the support available.

2. Complete the self-referral form.

3. If you cannot access the form online, call into The Base, in Alexander Square, to collect a paper copy.

4. Once we receive your self-referral form we will contact you to arrange an assessment appointment.  This is an opportunity for you to talk in more detail about the things you have written in your self-referral form.  We will ask you questions about what you have written so that we can decide how best to support you. 

5. After your assessment session you will be offered sessions with a counsellor or mental health advisor.  If we agree that it is more appropriate, weill refer you to an external source of support. 

NOTE: We request that you complete a self referral form so that we have your correct details on file and some background information prior to your assessment appointment. This ensures that you are assessed appropriately and with the relevant person. 

Make requests, report problems and give feedback via The Base