The online password reset service enables you to reset your University account password online. The Password Reset by Phone service enables you to have your University Account password reset by phoning the ISS Service Desk.

To be able to reset your password you must have previously registered a personal email address to which a verification email can be sent.

  1. Go to: and if prompted, log in using WebLogin.
  2. Select Manage Password Reset Email Addresses.
  3. In the Add an Email Address section, type in the personal email address that you want to register, then click Add Email Address – your email address shows in the Registered Email Addresses section.

You can register more than one personal email address.

To be able to use the service your contact details must be up-to-date (because the Service Desk will base security questions they ask you on these details).


  1. Go to MyAccount, and log in using WebLogin if requested.
  2. In the Password section (under Settings), if it shows that you are currently opted out of the password reset service, click Change.
  3. To opt in: tick the box, then click Save change.
  4. You are taken back to the MyAccount homepage, where it confirms that you have opted in.